Conditions We Treat: Trauma 

Penetrating Ocular Trauma: Cause and Treatment.

Dealing With Retinal Detachments and Other Injuries.

Many different eye injuries can result from ocular trauma. These include vitreous hemorrhage, retinal detachment, retinal scar tissue formation, and cataract/lens capsule rupture. Usually, an initial surgery is needed to repair the laceration site in the eye wall. Once the eye is stabilized 10-14 days after the initial injury a vitrectomy surgery, with or without scleral buckle surgery, may need to be performed.  In some cases, this an be done during the initial laceration repair, but it is typically done at a later time. If there is an intraocular foreign body or an intraocular infection (endophthalmitis), then vitrectomy surgery is usually done sooner. The prognosis for vision or for keeping the eye depends completely on the severity of the injury.